MY Musical LIFE

Only 4 years old and from a family of four, Michael John Aiken was given his first guitar by his parents, probably because they got sick of hearing him bang on pots and pans.  Mike learned to play that guitar by playing along with the radio and immediately started writing lyrics to his own songs by the age of 12.  With a great ear for sound, Mike asked the local minister if he could have access to play the piano in his local church.  Playing by ear Mike taught himself how to play the piano as well.   
After a couple of years, he began listening to a local band practice down the street from where he lived.  Mike became their roadie at the age of fourteen, thanks to the approval of his mom and dad who were very understanding allowing him to go to bars at that age.  When he turned the age of fifteen, that same band asked him to play bass guitar for them and he accepted.  Mike’s first band gig was at a Boat House bar next to a lake.  Though he was nervous, everyone had a great time.  Mike’s second gig, that next week, was for a grand opening for a restaurant bar.  It was so packed that the people were literally falling into the drum set and hitting the microphones pinning the band up against the wall.   Mike learned that music was just the release he needed.    
In the years following Mike played many different venues, (listed below), and refined his talents as a musician and singer-songwriter.  He started recording different sounds and harmonies using a four-track and dubbing.  Then he moved up to a recording studio and released an album with all original songs.  The album did well locally selling a few hundred copies.  
Michael went through different phases of music and bands ending up with his own band that catered to the public.  This band took no breaks sometimes playing four and even five hours straight.  It was a non-stop show, song after song that people still talk about to this day.  They could play up to 80 songs in one show.  It was always about giving the best show possible to the people.  Playing hard and crazy, jumping all around with energy, music from the new country, classic rock, to modern rock.  Then the next week they would play for the local senior citizens dance, playing two to three hours straight, non-stop country classics songs.  Talk about diversity.   
The songwriting hasn’t stopped, since Mike was twelve he has written over 400 songs.  Well over 30 great songs in just the last year alone.  A lifetime of influences from Johnny Cash to Aerosmith, Journey to Dave Matthews, Natoli Cole to Alanis Morissette, and B.B. King to Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Mike is ready to perform for the public in any venue.  Mike has had great and positive feedback on all of his songs and continues to write edgy heartfelt tunes.  

Media Contact: Nicole Rice, University Of Maryland PR,